Thursday, February 22, 2007

Happy International Mother Language Day!

Dear All,
Happy International Mother Language day! It couldn't be any better day to let you know about the activities of our research lab CRBLP, Center for Research on Bangla Language Processing. You should be very happy and proud to know that under the leading of Dr. Mumit Khan, since 2004 this research group at BRAC U is working on computerization of our beloved language Bangla.
May be some examples will help you to understand what we do or want to do! If we can continue doing what we had done in last few years, hopefully after 5-10 years (or may be few more years:D ), our research lab will implement software that will help you to get an automated Bangla translation of webpages that are available in other languages; or a system that will get your request in Bangla speech and will search about that topic from internet (where document is in English). I am talking about very fancy applications, which we can dream now and it is possible! And most important thing is, unless we work in these areas you can't imagine the digital divide we will face after few years between 25 percent and 75 percent population of our country. Our goal is to implement software that will help these 75% people to communicate with computer in our native language Bangla, to make using computer possible for them and helping them to get most from it.
We are very happy and proud to let you know that under Dr. Khan's leading we have started our work in that path and our work have already been recognized in many international conferences, local newspapers, magazines, etc. Please check our website at: <> to know about our activities.
This is the beginning and we dream for lot more!
Long live CRBLP and Long live our beloved language Bangla.
Best Regards,
Naushad UzZaman
Research Programmer
Center for Research on Bangla Language Processing
BRAC University